THE COMPANY PARTYDECO was founded in 1995. The fact that we started with decorating wedding reception halls as well as running the shop with decorations allowed us to gain invaluable experience which is now paying off as the ability to identify our customers’ needs.

PartyDeco today comprises:

- 200 employees,
- 5000 products,
- 1000 m2 of offices and studios,
- 10 000 m2 of warehouse and production halls.

Our own creative design studio and customers all over Europe are the results of our effort to constantly improve the products and the service we provide. Our goal is to become the very best in our field by not only designing new products but also building a business organization at the highest level, using modern management
and advanced information technologies. What we would like to offer to our customers is a combination of a coherent, attractive product and a modern business approach. We put emphasis on product's and packet's designing process and the exactitude of their workmanship. Our design studio employs the industry's top designers that work through the whole year providing you with new products consistent with the latest world-wide trends in the field of design.

PartyDeco provides:

- original product design,
- print catalogues,
- B2B service,
- multilingual Customer Service,
- free top quality product photos,
- fast delivery,
- stands at international fairs,
- bulk cartons, barcodes,
- decorations for every occasion,
- and bonus schemes for our customers.

Partydeco showroom is our own experimental site. We know how our retail customers react to our products, what their likes and expectations are. Producing a display at our retail shop perfectly tests our products’ packaging considering the ease to present them. Partydeco showroom can also be an inspiration for your own shop – we are looking forward to your visit.