An attractive opportunity
for brick-and-mortar outlets

We know how important it is to display products at traditional points of sale, which is why we offer stands, paper stands and ready-made product sets. We also offer marketing and sales support, including photos of various layouts of product displays.

A wide range of stands
and racks, already with
our products!

We are constantly developing ways of presenting our products to customers. We want to make placing orders with us as simple and fast as possible. Therefore, our offer includes the possibility of ordering a ready-made theme stand with its supplies. Such stands can be ordered for Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Halloween bestsellers, sets, napkins, balloons and many other product groups. An attractive display ready for use takes up little space.

Balloons – develop the top category with us

The history of our company started with balloons and it is still one of the most important categories in our assortment. Our products include latex and foil balloons. To meet various needs, we offer several original lines of smooth rubber balloons. All our balloon lines are available in different sizes, effects, colours and patterns. We also supply a wide selection of printed balloons, confetti balloons and balloons with special effects.

Foil balloons are now available in 170 shapes and various colours. We have both universal shapes and theme balloons for special occasions.

Foil Balloons

Marketing Support

Marketing Support is a service supporting our customers at the interface between marketing and sales. We make a range of graphic materials, including banners, films, product sets arrangements and graphics, available. These are also high-resolution materials that can be printed out or played on a TV at a traditional outlet.

Our support


A brand with a well-established position – 26 years of experience in the industry

Participation in national and international fairs, knowledge of Polish and global trends in the industry

Excellent know-how related to the operational activities of the store

Continuous development and competitiveness of the product offer

Financial stability of the company

Stable business

Customer assistance from the very first day of cooperation

Competitive prices for our products

Training and support in the P&L preparation and analysis (financial analysis of the company)

Security of supplies

Product and decoration training

Marketing and
sales support

Effective marketing activities (surveys, calendar of special occasions, CRM)

Webinars presenting novelties for our customers

A proven system of activities in social media

Integration files supporting the sale of our products

Ready-made materials for social media, including photos, videos, GIFs

Our products

We supply over 5,000 products from various categories. See selected ones:

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