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Please attach a scan of the entry to the Register of Business Activity or a printout from the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEDIG during registration or send it to the following address:
Product prices and the function of placing orders are possible after verification of the business profile and after confirmation of registration by the customer service department. You will be contacted in this matter within 24 hours of registration on the website.
The following payment methods are available: - cash on delivery - in cash to the courier upon receipt of the goods, - bank transfer.
After the order has been processed by a customer service employee, a proforma invoice will be sent to the e-mail address with the bank account number to which the payment should be made.
After the order has been processed by a customer service employee, a proforma invoice will be sent to the e-mail address with the bank account number to which the payment should be made.
For information on the discount policy in our company, please contact your customer service consultant. Contact details can be found in the Contact tab on our website.
In order to change your billing details, please contact the customer service department. The delivery data can be changed in your account when placing an order.
For detailed information on how to obtain a trade credit, please contact your customer service consultant. Contact details can be found in the Contact tab on our website.
In accordance with the regulations (point VII(7)), we do not accept returns of non-advertised goods. The goods can be exchanged only in the case of a claim regarding a defective product and its replacement with a full value product.
The minimum is 300 EUR, 300 GBP, 500 USD for orders placed via the PartyDeco internet platform and for orders placed by phone and e-mail.




After registration on our website, our customer service department will contact you to verify your business profile. Our company works only with distributors in our industry. If your business is outside the industry, your registration will be rejected.
Our company cooperates only with distributors of product categories that are in our supply. Therefore, attempts to register retail and individual accounts will be rejected. Retailers are invited to look for our products in the stores of our partners and distributors.


After logging in to the platform on your account, go to the Account/My Orders tab, then select the order number for which you want to verify the waybill number. The tracking number is listed in the Information table
Poland: Orders are shipped via DHL or GLS. Abroad: Depending on the shipping region, we choose the best option for you and work with carriers such as: Dachser, Raben, UPS, Kuehne + Nagel
It is not possible to collect goods in person from our warehouse.
All orders are sent via courier with delivery to the customer's address.
Poland: It takes 1-2 business days. Abroad: It takes 3-5 business days.




Yes, all marketing materials are available to download at our website. However, they must remain unchanged. We encourage you to use our Marketing Support section:
Taking care of the environment, we resigned from printing of catalogues. Our catalogues are available electronically on our website. Catalogues
After logging in to the platform on your account, go to the Account/My Orders tab, then select the order number to which you want to download photos. Then click Order Photos.


Claims regarding defective goods and inconsistencies in the quantity of goods received should be reported immediately after receiving the shipment (up to 14 days after its receipt). Claims regarding hidden defects and claims under the warranty are accepted up to 6 months from the date of purchase.
Please lodge your claim via e-mail to the e-mail address: and include all the necessary information, such as the reason for the claim, the product symbol, the quantity of the goods being complained about and photos of the goods in case of damage.
Check the goods in the presence of the courier. In the event of damage to the products, remember to write a damage report with the courier. After writing it, send the document with the necessary information to lodge a claim (list and number of damaged products) to the e-mail address


The PartyDeco API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that allows PartyDeco customers to electronically and automatically exchange data in a variety of areas, such as adding PartyDeco products to their product range or accessing current stock levels.
It has been designed for every PartyDeco customer, small shops, and large retail. By integrating a shop with the PartyDeco API, a customer can expand their product range with products from
The connection and usage of the API are free of charge. However, please keep in mind that technical/IT knowledge is required to connect your shop, and adapting your system to our configuration may result in some additional charges. A customer with their own IT team should be able to manage this.
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a worldwide standard for exchanging commercial and financial documents in the form of an electronic message directly between the computer systems of business partners.
When opting for EDI integration, the customer selects a service provider as the hub between PartyDeco and the customer. The integrator provides fee-based access to the platform where EDI documents are exchanged. Also, at the same time, it opens up the possibility for the customer to communicate with many other retailers and suppliers who are also using the EDI standard.
No. PartyDeco is not an EDI integrator. PartyDeco is simply a user of the EDI data interchange standard.
The cost of EDI integration depends on the chosen provider and the version of the service. In the most popular option, which is cloud-based, the customer mainly bears monthly operating costs. The customer who decides to connect via the EDI standard is free to choose the service provider. The costs and details of integration are determined individually by the customer with the selected provider.
API is a very versatile method of communication and the list of possibilities is long and diverse. In a nutshell, API minimizes the time and effort related to placing and handling the order and eliminates human error. At the same time, it gives access to the full product offer and prices - including individual customer discounts. It also ensures that stock levels are always up to date and secure information flow is environmentally friendly (by switching from paper documents).
The main advantages of using EDI are identical to those of using the PartyDeco API, EDI is simply a different, less flexible, paid method of data exchange. By being connected to an EDI platform (hub), the customer simultaneously becomes integrated with multiple suppliers, manufacturers, and customers that use the EDI standard. We use the Inifinite hub ( at PartyDeco which connects many thousands of entities in Poland and Europe.
At any time during the cooperation, as long as it is allowed by the terms and conditions and concluded commercial agreements.
Yes, the API displays current data and can be refreshed before each placed order.
Yes, the prices of the basic sales unit are up to date and include all customer discounts.
If your question is not answered in the FAQ and materials provided, please ask us directly by sending an email to:
We try to answer questions as quickly as possible. The response time should not exceed 3 working days.
Yes, translations in the following languages are available: Polish, English, German, French.
Step 1: Contact to request the API usage,
Step 2: Contact the Sky-Shop supplier or developer for an estimated cost of PartyDeco integration based on the integration scope and documents from FAQ point 11,
Step 3: Go through the PartyDeco authentication process to obtain your access keys,
Step 4: Transfer the access keys to the Sky-Shop integrator.

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